About LB&B

We take on your facilities management, logistics and training operations so you can focus on what you do best.

We’ve been building our team and expertise since 1992, delivering for the US Government and commercial clients. The world changes very quickly, so we learn something new every day. We put that expertise to work so that your business can run smoothly and cost effectively.

Our clients have better facilities operations and management – including “green” buildings. They have more reliable and cost effective distribution and warehousing operations for food, liquor and other products. Some have better shuttle and personnel transportation solutions. Others have new, efficient operations for aircraft fueling. Still others have consistent high tech training If you have a tricky operations, logistics or training issue – we can help.

We ensure our clients can do more with less effort and less risk. Our 1,000 employees and associates across the USA, have helped us build an enviable national reputation for outstanding customer service and professional performance.

For Over 25 Years, Our Way of Business

  • Providing superior performance for Federal Government, Local Government and private industry throughout the United States and overseas.
  • Soliciting customer feedback to assess our performance through our client’s eyes and using that information to constantly improve all our operations.
  • Earning an excellent reputation for quality services, integrity, and ethical business practices and for placing the needs of the customer first, no matter how small or large the project.
  • Providing services to some of the most formidable and exacting customers in the world — customers in the Federal and State Government, Fortune 500 companies, and other commercial firms — who require the support and services of highly motivated, skilled, and experienced personnel.
  • Effectively and quickly meeting our customers’ changing requirements.
  • Continuously striving for self-improvement while upholding the highest standards.
  • Innovating our approach, adapting, and evolving with the latest technology.

Now, LB&B has close to 1,000 employees nationwide working on more than 65 contracts at any one time, performing services both for government and for private clients.

Our Approach

At LB&B Associates Inc. our approach is of superior quality because of the way we perform all aspects kinds of the services we offer our customers. We don’t just maintain equipment and systems at the highest level — we creatively innovate solutions and inherently analyze new methods to develop the best solutions providing advanced services that keep our customers’ facilities operating at maximum efficiency, not only today, but  tomorrow, and into the future. We believe in what we do to make us the best at what we do. We challenge our staff to innovate and provide them with the platform to implement their ideas bringing a true sense of ownership and belief in the overall process. We believe in our staff, we give them an active voice and they know their input will be heard.

Our approach and the highly technical functions we utilize:

  • Employee Award Programs
  • Systems Thinking Concept
  • Computerized Work Management & Control Systems
  • Workload Database Administration
  • Quality Control to ISO 9000 Standards
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Predictive Testing & Inspection
  • Going Green
  • Energy Management Program
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Productivity Enhancement Recognition
  • Employee reward unlike any other company our size

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