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LB&B’s “8 Ways to Keep Your Facility Healthy and Productive”

This is the first of five blog posts that LB&B Associates Inc. will present to help CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s focus on their core business and not be plagued with facility issues that hamper the work environment or the staff and customer experience.

LB&B has helped commercial clients across the country such as Alpha Natural Resources, Contura Energy, One Alpha LLC, Art Centers, Churches, Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and others achieve their facility management goals.

Did you know that employees make three times as many mistakes working in an unhealthy and displeasing workplace? Or that thirty percent are more likely to struggle focusing on work tasks and forty-four percent are less likely to work on business related tasks while working in unhealthy and unpleasant environment?   Let us help you bring your business back to focusing on your core mission and eliminate worry about facility related issues that affect your workforce and your customers.

Whether you are a large or small business your company headquarters and field offices are all about the brand and image you want to portray to your customers and to your employees. Equally important to the aesthetics of your image is the cleanliness, environmental quality and carbon footprint, lighting, fixtures, plumbing, kitchens and break rooms, restrooms, and additional facility features that ensure your employees are healthy and focused on their important work rather than their performance being affected by issues in the facility where they work.

Let LB&B show you how we can transfer the responsibility for facility operations to our staff, eliminate your concerns, and enhance the atmosphere of your facility.   Additionally important to your bottom line is controlling the costs associated with operating and managing your facility. We do this by insuring your equipment is operating at peak efficiency to conserve costs.

This is our first of five articles on what LB&B can do for you to improve and maximize your facility management experience.

Keeping Your Facility Healthy and Productive

  1. We recommend how your office furniture and equipment can be ergonomically designed and placed to maximize and not hamper air circulation, temperature control and pollutant removal functions.
  2. We recommend how to coordinate and manage other building services, such as security, IT, landscaping where the responsibility shared with more than one company.
  3. We recommend environmentally-friendly procedures and products that will improve, rather than worsen air quality.
  4. We recommend the correct pest control procedures and products that are safe to the employees and the environment for your facility.
  5. We advocate how to integrate air quality concerns and improvements into your purchasing strategy.
  6. We demonstrate how to maximize your HVAC system so the system continuously provides clean, refreshing air. We, as humans, typically spend 90% of our time indoors and as such, a clean and toxic free environment is extremely important.
  7. We can establish an air quality monitoring program and determine the optimal time for filter changes; we then change filters on a regular basis; manage humidity levels to the correct level to keep mold out and keep enough moisture in the air to extinguish sinus and eye irritation; keep your HVAC system free of dirt and dust thus eradicating biological contaminants; keep water reservoirs and drains working properly and emptied; we analyze the facility environment to determine if preventative maintenance tasks recommended by manufacturers is sufficient or if more stringent practices need to be developed for your facility.
  8. Other factors that affect your workplace environment that we will analyze and recommend solutions include: odor elimination, temperature variances (to hot or too cold), sunlight heat or intensity, ceiling light glare, furniture crowding, aesthetics of office design, ergonomics of office desks, chairs and computers, noise pollution and location of office equipment.

We do all of these things and more to keep your facility healthy and productive. Want to know more give us a call at 301-321-7871 and ask for our Facilities Director of Business Development.

Next up on the blog- LB&B’s “10 Ways to Manage Facility Costs”

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