Every day our staff strives to perform above and beyond customer expectations. The following are comments we received from our customers about providing outstanding service.

Our People:

Let me add my thanks and appreciation for all your team’s diligent work. I watched your team handle the naturalization ceremony and President’s visit with a level of ease — their experience and professionalism showed throughout. You both deserve credit for such a strong running team.
Thanks, Tim Edwards

Ditto from me! An extraordinary effort resulting in an extraordinary event. Well done!
David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States

I want to take this opportunity to thank LB&B for all the work that they have been completing for Research Services. You and your staff complete great work as well as provide outstanding customer service. I would like to take this opportunity to specifically note the outstanding customer service that Jason Clarke provided to me. As you know, I moved to an office on the third floor. (Moving is a hard thing for me!) Anyway, Jason very patiently listened to the things that I wanted to be done in the office; and he did an outstanding job on each task. Thanks so much for everything that LB&B has done and continues to do for Research Services!
Regards, Ann Cummings, Executive Research Services

To Walter Hayes, I just wanted to give kudos to Dan [Hudak] of LB&B. He is an exceptional worker. He was tasked to fix a lock for us (IOP) in Room 6300, and as always he completed the job above our satisfaction. He was efficient and professional. We, here at IOP, appreciate Dan for all that he does for NARA and we just want to extend our gratitude.
Thanks, Ernest Bryant

To John Coontz, I would like to take a few minutes to commend Mr. Bernard Blowe for his exceptional work ethic and his extraordinary contribution to the morale and quality of work life for all of us fortunate enough to work here at Craney Island. Bernard routinely goes above and beyond what would normally be expected of an employee and clearly takes pride in all that he does. While his job description may say janitor, he does so much more than empty the trash and clean the restrooms. He also cleans carpets, strips and waxes the floors, and does the little things necessary to maintain our workspace at the very highest level!

More than that, Bernard does all of this with a cheerfulness that is contagious — you simply have to smile when you see and talk to him! A great example of his work ethic, pride and expertise was recently on display when a new tile floor was installed in the operations area of Building 288. Bernard steadfastly prepared the new tiles, applying many coats of wax, expertly blending with the older tile. Bernard’s personal expectations are set very high and he consistently meets them! Bernard is a credit to LB&B and makes a positive impact on our mission of providing fuel to the warfighters every day! Please pass my personal thanks to Mr. Blowe for a job extremely well done!
Kevin Henderson, Regional Fuel Director, Contracting Officer, Representative, Fleet Logistics Center, Norfolk

I just wanted to let you know one of your staff Trent [Hunter] is so helpful and friendly. I met him when he was delivering furniture to our lab. I asked if he could save some packing materials for me if there are any from shipping boxes. He is very considerate to remember to save the material. He is so kind and I just appreciate it. Thanks!
Yoonjoo Strumfels, National Archives and Records Administration

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