Every day our staff strives to perform above and beyond customer expectations.  The following are comments we received from our customers about providing outstanding service.

Simulator Work:

I wanted to take a moment and drop you a note to express RESFOR’s appreciation for the job well done by your team in Fort Worth. The COMS team was faced with a difficult repair of a complex wiring harness which was creating potentially dangerous malfunctions on the simulator. Your team collectively developed a unique method to correct the issue and completed the complex repair well ahead of their proposed timeline. The rapid repair over the Easter holiday period went above and beyond and minimized trainer nonavailability. Their dedication to providing the best training devices possible to the fleet is truly appreciated. Please pass our sincere appreciation for the outstanding job to all of your team. Warmest Regards,

Thanks Gene for the quick time change for the fuel job for VMGR-352. Also, wanted to pass along the crew of Navy Gulfstream 093 mentioned the fueling job on March 20 was the fastest service they ever received. Aircraft just shutdown engines and five seconds later…the fuel truck was in position.
Mark DeGuzman, M1SS NASA Ames Research Center

To NSST Instructors [Moe] Joyce, [Earle] Yerger, [Bill] Steele, and [Mike] Moore, I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure working with you over the years. The amount of time I have spent, along with my fellow Junior Officers, has been priceless and very beneficial for our growth as shiphandlers and Surface Warfare Officers. We always enjoy going into the Simulator, especially when the instructors make it a fun and educational experience. I’m headed to my shore duty and will keep in touch. Thank you.
LTJG Dustin Ellis, Navigator, USS Roosevelt


William Peoples provided Operational Training on the dayto-day processes in the B2 Warehouse. Overall, your staff has done a excellent job issuing supplies/equipment, receiving, storing, and safeguarding the items in the B2 Warehouse. The reason we are doing this is to maintain accountability of the property flow and to maintain adequate stock in order to support the mission of the Agency. Thanks for a job well done,
Calvin Shoulders, Property Management Officer, National Archives and Records Administration

Sorry I missed it – they enjoy going to NSST. I am getting great training from these events.
V/R, CAPT Juan Orozco, Commanding Officer, USS LEYTE GULF (CG 55)

As you may have surmised, the officers in attendance are the most recent additions to the KSG Wardroom. With C2X and deployment in the near future, this is a big component of professionalization into our SWO culture. The trainer you run and the instruction you provide are always a positive experience for my team. Have a great summer and God bless,
CAPT David L. Bossert, USN Commanding Officer, USS KEARSARGE (LHD 3)

AV & Event Services:

To the LB&B team that supported this year’s Gala and Records of Achievement Award Ceremony: Thank you for everything you helped to coordinate in advance of the Gala and for the outstanding support you provided that day and night. It was a beautiful evening for our guests and their experience (and the success of the evening) is a testament to all the support you provided. For managing load-in and load-out, for coordinating A/V and lighting, for providing housekeeping services and for always protecting this incredible building. Thank you. With sincere thanks for your dedication,
James Sims, Caniel McDonald, and Pamela Evers

Many thanks for your artful and expert handling of the video tributes from Arnie Palmer and the Presidents (or their spokespersons). The final version, which we showed Friday night at our Legacy Gala, was a true highlight of the evening — from the opening and closing fanfares, to the interpolation of the picture of Nixon and Eisenhower shaking hands over the globe (to break up a long tribute), to the explanations of the spokespersons. Just a marvelous job.
Steve Hauge

To the A/V Team, I just want to tell you great work again today. Your professionalism, communication, and skills helped with another high profile event. I appreciate the continued awesome work you do for the customers and the agency here at A2. Keep up the good work and great team attitude. Thanks again,
Christine Hartman

Yes, great work guys! Thanks so much for all you do for the customers and the agency and making things work all the time at A1. There is so much that goes into AV, including communication, preparation, testing, troubleshooting and so much more. You guys make it look easy, but I know you do so much behind the scenes that the customers don’t ever see. I just want to say thank you as well for always making the AV staff look great by all your preparation, knowledge, and skills. Great work, like always!
Christine Hartman

I am writing to tell you what a fantastic job Jason Winston and the entire LB&B team did this weekend during the sleepover. With so much going on, we were all working hard to ensure that the sleepover was a memorable experience for all attendees. It was comforting to know that your team was there making sure that things ran smoothly. Jason is often the person that we turn to when we need immediate assistance. He knows exactly who to call and does his very best to address concerns in a timely and professional manner. On top of that, he is simply a pleasure to work with! I hope your staff knows how much we appreciate their support at each and every event. Without them what we do just would not be possible. Thank you,
Caneil McDonald, CSEP Director of Special Events, National Archives Foundation

I appreciate your kind words. You guys helped me so much as well, from Curtis [Hildebrand], Kyle [Jones], Marcia [Coleman], Jason [Clarke], to all the staff who work with them. Thanks for making this a priority and helping me get this done. The A/V staff worked very hard for almost a year to get this project going and completed with me. I could not have done it without all your help. It was a success and all future events in there will be much better. Thank you,
Christine Hartman, Services Management Office, National Archives and Records Administration

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