Every day our staff strives to perform above and beyond customer expectations. The following are comments we received from our customers about providing outstanding service.

Every Job We Take on Behalf of Our Clients is an Important One:

LB&B Staff, I owe a big thank you to Patricia Baxter, George Fox, and Walther Martinez for taking the time to clean up my contractor’s paint spill in the O’Brien Gallery this morning. Their time and effort saved our carpet (for which we have no replacement tiles).  LB&B has certainly made our construction projects go smoothly in spite of some of our best efforts to screw things up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ray Ruskin, Exhibition Designer National Archives, Museum Programs

I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You for all the work you have been doing related to all the weather issues we have had this past week. We have effectively responded to several issues from leaks to frozen pipes, roofs deflecting from snow, and roof leaks from ice dams. You have rallied behind each other and proved your reputation as a service center is well deserved. I would also like to give a huge Thank You to our O&M contractor and their employees who also worked long hours in support of our mission. LB&B/Dae Sung have proven they are one of the best in the business yet again. Finally, a big thank you to Cynthia [Hall] and her folks for the wonderful support making sure we could get this snow removed. Always there, and we really appreciate it. I am proud to call myself a part of this team.
Neil Morgan, Service Center Director, Kentucky SC GSA

Good Afternoon! Just wanted to pass along my thanks to you and your Directorate, and specifically the JV ICE Crew for the fantastic snow management job they did at Building 91. Student and Faculty parking was ample and walking access to and from the building was safe and secure for all. Again, thank you to you and your crew for your support!
Respectfully, Mr. Claude Allen

All, It’s a nice change to get compliments for snow removal and not a single complaint, even though this was a difficult storm! I want to thank everyone involved for the great job!!! Bob [Siery] and Dave [Jogodnik], please share this with your staff and contractor. Thank you.
Nick Lambadis, Support Services Supervisor, Facilities Management and Security Services (FMSS)

Saving Energy Due to LB&B Associates:

The Federal Building at 201 Varick Street has drastically reduced consumption over the last three months.  So much so that the Region’s energy measure went from blood red to green over the same course of time.  For that, I am deeply appreciative and I thank you. Fred [Olving], your contributions are noteworthy.  And I also thank you. 
Respectfully, Steve [Sarnecky]

Facility Maintenance, Even the Little Things Get Our Attention:

LB&B, I want to applaud the people who clear the sidewalks and plaza outside the National Archives Building. Whenever it snows, no matter how much or little, our city block is the best cleared on Pennsylvania Avenue. I may have to pick my way across the pavement outside the Metro station, but I know that as soon as I cross the street, everything will be clear. Thank you to all who clear the snow from our walkways!
Mark Ryan

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